Are the purple streetlights intentional? |

2023-02-15 15:46:24 By : Ms. Sissy Wan

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ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — A stretch of State Road 16 in St. Augustine is lined with purple streetlights.

It's a trend that's popping up all over Northeast Florida, with similar purple hues on roads in Callahan and Green Cove Springs as well.

Are the purple streetlights intentional?

Florida Department of Transportation Spokesperson Hampton Ray

No, purple streetlights are not intentional.

"That's an issue that the manufacturer of these LED bulbs has had nationwide," said Ray. "It is a nationwide issue. It's impacting nearly all LED lights in the country. I'm not exaggerating when I say that." Ray says the purple lights weren't designed to be better for the environment or safer, they are simply a manufacturer defect. "It's actually the bulb itself," said Ray. "There's three different diodes that make up the LED, and one of them has burnt out." The state has a warranty on all products it applies to the roadway - anywhere from asphalt, to paint to even streetlights. Work is already underway to get the issue fixed. "This supplier, this manufacturer is working to replace these lights, and taxpayers will not see a cost associated with the replacement of these lights," said Ray. He says the purple lights aren't ideal but they aren't a hazard - state roads also have reflective material on signs and the pavement to guide drivers. "Even if the lights were completely turned off, your headlights alone are what's necessary for safe driving at night," said Ray.

Ray says drivers can report the purple lights to the Florida Department of Transportation to make sure they are scheduled to be replaced. However, there are some supply chain issues with the new bulbs, which are slowing down how fast they can fix it.

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